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Hello, Love!

When I said, "Hello, Love" to who I am and allowed love to lead, my life changed forever!


I invite you to take a step towards yourself and towards your desire.  It is time to give yourself the freedom to explore. 

When we are willing to examine the conditioning that helped create who we are then we can free ourselves from the experience. It takes a brave heart and a desire to live in love. If you have found this website then you are ready! I would be honored to support your journey. Say Hello to Love and say hello to Yourself!


Booking a Session

I offer 1 hour (60 minute) sessions via telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom.  I do not offer session with video.  I am happy to record the session for you and send you an MP4 file via email. 

If you'd like to book a session with me fill out the contact form on this page and I'll reply within 24 hours.

Session Price: $155

Payment can be made via Venmo or Zelle the day of the session.

Many Blessings to your sweet heart.  I look forward to connecting with you!

Hola, Beautiful Soul,

It is an honor to hold sacred space for you to discover your truth and become who you have always wanted to be! (Hint: You were born whole and complete and with everything you need!!) Soul to Soul, all is known, and all is available. 


My name is Dani, and I am a channel for the Divine Holy Creator of all there is. I offer myself as an act of service to witness, love, and support another so he/she/them may experience love in all ways. The removing, clearing, releasing, and transforming of the perceived wounds and stuckness enable the Life Force of light, love, grace, and peace to be fully present. 


We are energy first, then matter (humans with a body). I hold the essence and frequency of the Divine Cosmic Mother. Her holy presence is available as we dive into your session. She is one of my most outstanding teachers and partners in this incarnation. I will also bring my other allies and guides to support you. These include but are not limited to: St. Germain, the holder of Violet Flame; The Golden Phoenix as a catalyst for transmutation; The Lineage of Light to connect with the Ancients as well as my Shamanic Animal guides - Hummingbird, Crow, Black Panther, Snake, and Owl. I come from the Great Central Sun and am a Star Being here to support the awakening and remembrance of Eternal Divine Wisdom. To read more about my human experience, click here!


I receive in many ways for your highest potential - I hear, I feel, I see, and I sense - the messages, insights, healing, and love from your angels, guides, beings of light, and your Higher Self and the Creator of All There Is. I promise to share everything I receive as it is for you. I am devoted to aligning with the Cosmic Eternal Divine Plan for myself and all the souls I support. 



Each of us is on a journey to discover our truth. The truth of who we are and why we are on this beautiful planet, Gaia. Some awaken gently, and each experience opens us up a little more. Others can experience nothing and stay dormant in their state of illusion. And then some seem to have chosen the fast track where you wake up one day, and the experience you just had is a lightning bolt of awareness, and you are never the same again.

Your journey will not look like another's journey, so the need to compare and be like everyone else is a false sense of truth. You are a unique soul in a unique human experience. Remember that this life is an opportunity to be more than you ever dreamt and holds the potential for an ecstatic experience that blesses your life and all of those connected to you. (Grok that for a moment!) If you do your 'work' and live your truth, then everyone you are connected to also has the same potential, and you offer them a step that is smoother, more supported, and with more grace. Now, that's a WIN-WIN!


We all grow and evolve. Each new experience allows us to explore new realities. This year, I've had some incredible experiences that have enabled me to shift, which has changed my perspective. When you devote your life to being a conduit for the Divine, you get used to the shifts in awareness, activations for expansion, and collective healing for the larger world. It takes daily practice, a brave heart and a willingness to surrender to the Divine Will vs my want.


I've recently had an experience that shifted my awareness of the Akashic Records. For years, I've held sacred space for others to discover soul wisdom, experiences and gifts by accessing their unique record that contains their Soul's vibrational, light frequency history. In our 3D world, we are surrounded and indoctrinated by beliefs that are part of our society. 


The awakening journey includes many experiences to help us align with the unconditional love of Divine truth. This most recent experience has created an opportunity to own my truth more, share my gifts, and be more seen. It has also changed how and why I offer my services. Moving forward, I will not talk about opening your Akashic Record or even define the type of energy and frequency I am accessing in a session. 


You can trust that All of me - the current version, the eternal soul self, and all the aspects that create reality will be present and honored. Together we will create a container where you can safely explore your questions, experience your energy, and open up to an awakening that enables you to move confidently forward, rise and be your authentic self. 


Soul Sessions - 60 minutes - $155

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