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My years on this beautiful Earth have all led to this moment of self-expression.  I was born and raised in Minnesota and have always been grateful for the beauty, kindness, and natural wonders I experienced as a child. The bonds of friendship taught me to love easily and to keep my heart open. I was a total tom-boy and loved climbing trees, collecting insects, and playing in the woods. 


I truly am a woman of the world as I've traveled extensively and have been blessed to call Japan, Peru, and Mount Shasta home. Yet, I discovered the sacred home of my heart and since then have found more peace, acceptance and love.


My journey has been full of blissed out awesomeness and deep moments of pain and fear. I'm grateful that my faith in a Divine Plan has helped me realize that every experience is an opportunity to grow.


I’m filled with the joy of living life with heart and soul.  I love my wide range of interests and skills. The bliss of connection and communication continue to inspire me in all that I do.  I trust in the Divine to guide my life.

If we choose to work together, I'm an open book and I will share my stories as examples of what can be and also to let you know that you are not alone on this journey of self discovery and acceptance. 

Here’s a bit about me…


  • I am a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher

  • I am a highly intuitive, heart-centered, believer of love.

  • I believe in miracles and magic while keeping the faith to live in trust.

  • I am a creative, soulful, highly silly woman.

  • I am a mix of Divine Cosmic Wisdom and Earthy Grounded Passion.

  • I am called to assist people to embody their soul so they can live a life of passion.

  • I am an energy-light worker (meaning everything is energy and I work with it to heal)

  • I am a life coach who believes JOY is the key to real change

  • I am a Spiritual Counselor supporting others to live with authenticity

  • I am a sacred sexual healer who supports loving and living from desire.

  • I am an entrepreneur – facilitating groups, hosting workshops

  • I am a consultant specializing in marketing, growth, and breakthroughs.

  • I love alternative methodologies of healing and I’ve learned several.

  • I graduated from university in 1995 in Business Marketing and a minor in Japanese.

  • I work as a Marketing Programs Manager (during the day).

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