Akashic Record Reading is the process of accessing the source energy that you are and have always been. That energy is recorded on a vibrational level. The records are a sacred space where you will receive the guidance from your innate wisdom. The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones that guard your record will assist in accessing the most aligned experiences and wisdom to support your current questions. Just accessing your record will bring healing to your energetic body. You were born with everything you will ever need so why not access YOUR unique wisdom to guide your next steps in the journey.




The energy I access is Universal Life Force from the Divine Creator as well as from Pachamama (Mother Earth) and is a powerful combination that clears and activates the body, mind, and soul. In the unseen world of energy, people, places and things can create heaviness and stop us from having full access to our unique high frequency self.  Using these methods ensure you are reset to a sovereign being able to create and move in life with freedom and purpose.





Sacred Wisdom Embodied sessions are designed to honor the truth of your soul.  You’ll have the chance to fully receive through hands on energy healing.  The wisdom that is held in the body as well as in the heart will be encouraged to flow freely throughout your entire body.  Working with the 7 Chakra system (energy centers) and opening up the soul’s energetic memory will add light and frequency to create flow so you are in harmony and balance.  This session is a combination of all that I have learned so it's a highly intuitive session that mixes modalities so anything that is in the way of your full embodiment is cleared. Often embodiment comes in stages/layers but whatever you are most wanting and needing will be worked with so you leave more empowered and embodied.





Sacred Seed Sessions for men are designed to remove and heal the layers of judgment, limiting beliefs, fears, and anxiety around being authentic in their expression of self – verbally, physically, sensually, emotionally, and sexually. If you or someone you love is struggling with full expression because they were taught to be something that is not in alignment with their authentic self as a man in this world then it’s time to break free from the limitations, explore and deepen emotional awareness, and learn to trust their sacred heart of the Divine Masculine.

Package pricing is available. A minimum of 4 sessions is highly recommended.

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Sacred Sensual Sessions for women are designed to reconnect their body with their emotional truth so the sacred heart of the Divine Feminine can be fully embodied. Women often shut down or limit their sensual sexual self so they fit into the confinements of our societal expectations. It’s time women come back into their truth and claim their fullness. Women will regain their confidence, own their desire, and feel their authentic truth. 

Package pricing is available. A minimum of 4 sessions is highly recommended.






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Reiki is available to everyone and is the purest Universal Life Force energy that is offered to support and assist the recipient to heal the body, mind, and spirit. The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit sending energy to the recipient. The energy flows where it is needed and can be felt as a warm sensation in the body. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful technique for relaxation, healing and spiritual development. There is no belief system attached to Reiki.

Attunements (training) is done in three sessions - Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 (Master) and Teacher training. These sessions are attuning your body and energy to open the channel of Reiki energy so you can support yourself as well as offer Reiki to others. Each Level builds upon the other. Contact me if you'd like to learn more.





Sometimes you reach a place where you know you are ready and you want to do a deep dive.  To enable and honor that desire, I offer 1, 2, and 3 day one-on-one retreats. We'll discuss the focus and set the intention then set the date. I will facilitate the entire experience including delicious meals, all necessary tools, and ensure you are held in the most sacred healing space. You'll be able to unfold and find new levels of insight, desire, and pleasure. 

note: client is responsible for payment of location + retreat.