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Pink 3D Hearts

Hola Amor
hello Love!

When I said, "Hello, Love" to who I am and allowed love to lead, my life changed forever!


I invite you to take a step towards yourself and towards your desire.  It is time to give yourself the freedom to explore.  

What is holding you back?

What do you fear?

What's the worst thing about being you, right now?

When we are willing to examine the conditioning that helped create who we are then we can free ourselves from the experience. It takes a brave heart and a desire to live in love. If you have found this website then you are ready! I would be honored to support your journey. Say Hello to Love and say hello to Yourself!

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I'm Dani, and I'm excited you found me. I'm an interesting mix of practical, logic, and organization yet I also thrive in the creative, yumminess that is full of pleasure and joy. Working with me will enable you to reach those parts of yourself that feel shy or repressed and are asking you to honor their full expression in this life.

I have over 25 years of working in the unseen, energetic realms of life, which means I use my intuitive, Divine knowingness and then act in selfless service for your most aligned and best outcome.

I offer all of who I am and all that I have remembered and learned along my journey. It includes but is not limited to Spiritual guidance, energy healing, soul embodiment, sexual integration and expression, and various tools to support your journey of being 100% here in the now vs. living from the past and wishing for a future. 

You'll do the necessary work - surrender, acceptance, embodiment, and inspired action - to create the life of your dreams! I guarantee you will be held in love, non-judgment and tenderness as you transform. You are not alone!

I feel honored to hold sacred space for people to transform, heal, be witnessed, and embody their soul essence. It’s magical, and it’s my passion and purpose. Energy work is a powerful yet a gentle way to uncover the hidden within you that stops you from living your best life. I allow Spirit to lead and guide the process to best align with your soul and current desires. I offer many modalities - Reiki, Earth Mentoring, Cosmic frequencies, Soul embodiment, metaphysical healing, ancient cultural healings and traditions from the US, Japan, and Peru. Together we can create anything! Your willingness permits me to do what I do.

Akashic Record Reading & Energy Alignment Session


I've combined my services into a single offering. It became clear that every session was unique yet spanned the scope of Akashic Record reading to energy clearing and soul embodiment. I could effortlessly allow the necessary tools and resources within me and those coming through me in each session. Now you'll have the option of time as I honor each person's current financial reality.

Together we will create space and a safe, sacred container for you to unfold, explore, discover and embody all that you are in alignment with your Divine Plan and this incarnation. 

A session may include energy clearing, emotional melting, removal of blocks, past incarnations, cord cutting, downloads of Divine definitions & blessings, Energy support, weaving new desire into manifestations, and messages on all levels from your Divine support team (spirit guides, angels, loves ones, ancestors, elementals, animal guides, etc.). My promise to you is to share everything - what I feel, see, experience, hear and sense.


As of February 1, 2023:
My service prices will change and be based on time.  I'll be combining Akashic Record Reading and Energy Alignment sessions to enable a more balanced and harmonious experience for your embodiment. 

Session Length + Pricing

45 Minutes - $123

60 Minutes - $155

75 Minutes - $195

Learn more about Akashic Record Reading:

It is the process of accessing the source energy that you are and have always been. That energy is recorded on a vibrational level. The records are a sacred space where you will receive the guidance from your innate wisdom. The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones that guard your record will assist in accessing the most aligned experiences and wisdom to support your current questions. Just accessing your record will bring healing to your energetic body. You were born with everything you will ever need so why not access YOUR unique wisdom to guide your next steps in the journey. 

The energy I access is Universal Life Force from the Divine Creator as well as from Pachamama (Mother Earth) and is a powerful combination that clears and activates the body, mind, and soul. In the unseen world of energy, people, places and things can create heaviness and stop us from having full access to our unique high frequency self.  Using these methods ensure you are reset to a sovereign being able to create and move in life with freedom and purpose. Align your energy so your path is clear to fulfill your heart's desire.

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